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A Kathi Junction franchise can get you a 50% return on your investment, paying back your money in just 6-9 months (depending on location)

Here's how running a business franchise has less risk than running an independent business:

What Kathi Junction franchises offer?

Advantages of associating with Kathi Junction.

Powerful brand: Kathi Junction is a well known name in India and has been the favourite hunt for food for several years.

Established business systems: Kathi Junction has created strong and proven business system in the associates right from day one. It saves the franchisee from going through all the teething problems one has to face while starting a new set up.

Developed products and services: Kathi Junction has numerous product recipes since its introduction and continues to innovate new product recipes. Kathi Junction understands the Indian palate more than anyone else in the similar business and keeps the authenticity in the food while innovating new products. It has developed its own range of spices which is used in all its outlets. This also ensures uniformity in the flavours and products. Because of the existence of such wide range of products, systems of production and management, the franchisee need not spend time, money or efforts developing products or services for business.

Trained Chefs: The most important aspect of Indian cuisine is trained chefs. This is one aspect of business, which if ignored, can result in a downfall of a restaurant. Kathi Junction has big pool of trained chefs and it runs training and development exercise for its chefs on regular intervals to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets. This has devised a well, accepted system of training programs for.

Group advertising and marketing: A franchise system gives you the benefit of being part of a larger organization, increasing credibility in consumer's mind. Kathi Junction will take care of the national advertising allowing the business to increase its exposure to the target market in a more cost effective manner.

The Store Design: The Kathi Junction outlet has been designed to give the valued customers a very comfortable dining experience. It has been designed on international standards. Kathi Junction provides to its franchisees complete know how on all the aspects of a restaurant.

Who are we looking for?

Individuals who would like to be a part of the biggest and the faster growing food franchise.
The desired candidate need not be having any experience in the food industry. He should however be willing to accept the challenges of the hospitality industry and have real estate owned or rented and required investment. A person with passion and desire to grow ahead of the times is what to team up with.

Franchise investment* 6-7 Lacs
Menu Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kabab's, Shawarma 32 0.20, Beverages
Area 100sq. ft. - Kitchen and Counter 100 sq. ft. Stores
Total area 200 sq. ft.
Royalty 4%
Franchise investment* 8-10 Lacs
Menu Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kabab's, Grilled Chicken, Shawarma, Beverages
Area 100 - sq. ft. - Kitchen and Counter ft. Stores, 100 sq. ft - Dinning 100-400 sq.
Total area 300 sq. ft. to 600 sq.ft
Royalty 4%
Model C
Franchise investment* 15-18 Lacs
Menu Over Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kabab's, Grilled Chicken, Shawarma, , Biryani, Mughlai Cuisine, Main Course, Beverages.
Area 300- sq. ft. - Kitchen and Counter ft. Stores, Dinning 300 sq ft
Total area 600 sq. ft
Royalty 4%

Full franchisee and staff training program.
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Regular mystery shoppers audits.
  • Marketing and promotion.
  • Central purchasing and distribution.
what we give
  • Ongoing operational support.
  • Regular mystery shoppers audits.
  • Marketing and promotion.
  • Central purchasing and distribution.


We will give you total guidance about proper running of business, purchases, sales & satisfaction of the customers. We will arrange all cooking staff for you. In case of any problem , we will change cooking staff at any time, later, if desired by you.